Friday, February 9, 2024

ChatGPT Now Allows Users to Bring Multiple AIs Into Conversations - Ben Sherry,

Artificial intelligence company OpenAI rolled out a new feature for ChatGPT this week that allows ChatGPT Plus users to add multiple GPT chatbots into existing conversations. This means that it's now possible to have your custom chatbots talk to each other. The feature could help users boost creativity and make better decisions. If you're chatting with a GPT designed to act as your virtual chief marketing officer, for example, you can "invoke" another GPT designed to serve as your chief operations officer, and have a virtual C-suite meeting. The GPTs can also come from OpenAI's GPT Store. Newly-added GPTs will be updated with all the context of your existing conversation. [ed note from Ray: This is husge! With a network of GPTs, you would have a creative, management or production team.  Imagine]