Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Lifelong Learning With Artificial General Intelligence - Ray Schroeder, Inside Higher Ed

To put this into a wider perspective, I asked my good colleague and AI co-presenter Katherine Kerpan of Loyola University Chicago to share her vision of the role of AGI in higher education of the future. She noted, “Today, some of us thrive because of the guidance, encouragement and alternate perspectives from personal trainers, mental health therapists and life coaches. Unfortunately, these kinds of professionals are too costly for many individuals, and having another human with us at all times is not feasible. Imagine a future in which AGI functions as a cost-effective and wholly customized ‘lifelong learning companion’ for every learner, no matter the setting or circumstances and which is attuned to the specific interests and challenges of that individual.”  AGI, then, has the potential to become your lifelong interface to higher education.