Tuesday, November 21, 2023

‘ChatGPT on steroids’: professors bring AI into the classroom - Valentina Moreno, the Princetonian

Professor Pramod Viswanath, an Electrical and Computer Engineering professor, calls his creation “Blockie.” It's an Artificial Intelligence teaching assistant fed with lectures and notes from his advanced engineering class. While some Princeton professors have banned AI tools, Viswanath's program highlights their pedagogical potentials in the classroom. Princeton’s Office of the Dean of the College and the Office of the Dean of the Graduate School sent a memo to all teaching faculty highlighting the University’s flexibility around AI tools. The memo, titled “AI & ChatGPT Guidance for Teaching,” provided guidance for how to engage with this technology in the classroom and addressed ChatGPT’s notoriety in the media. The memo said each faculty member has free reign regarding the use of ChatGPT,  but they should bear in mind the explicit academic integrity rules and collaboration policies under the University’s Honor Code and Academic Regulations.