Tuesday, September 19, 2023

Teaching AI Competencies: Lessons from Academics Incorporating AI in the Classroom Asim Ali, Kaari Casey, Jessica Mitsch Homes - Evolllution

Asim: It’s crucial for those interacting with learners, whether through certification or credentialing programs, to ensure learners walk away with a clear understanding of how AI will affect their work. Kaari: It’s on us to help industry understand what they’re looking for and know how to assess which candidates are meeting that criteria rather than the other way away. And we need to equip our students with the ability to articulate what they’ve learned and translate it into the skills that can create a positive business impact. Jessica: We work backwards from what employers are currently doing. This spring, we made calls to 122 companies to ask them how they’re using this technology. We use that information to prepare our students for that reality.