Sunday, September 17, 2023

Setting HE Coursework in the ChatGPT Era: Assessing the Process, Not the Product - Adam Finkel-Gates, Medium

Rather than focusing on the final essay, I’m going to assess my students based on their interaction with ChatGPT. The prompts they use, the questions they ask, all become a direct reflection of their understanding of the subject. This approach can be universal, applicable across courses, highlighting the students’ critical thinking and understanding rather than their ability to construct an essay. In this evolving ChatGPT era, my assessment strategy for students pivots from traditional methods to a more interactive, process-centric approach. Rather than solely evaluating the final essay or content generated by AI tools like ChatGPT, I will focus on the students’ interaction with the platform. Each prompt, query, and directive they give the AI becomes a testament to their grasp of the subject matter.