Saturday, March 18, 2023

Florida Startup Moves Closer to Building Data Centers on the Moon - Passant Rabie, Gizmodo

Lonestar Data Holdings secured $5 million in funding in preparation for the anticipated launch of a miniature data center later this year. Cloud computing startup Lonestar Data Holdings announced the results of its latest funding round, taking it one step closer to this very goal. Lonestar wants to build a series of data centers on the Moon and establish a viable platform for data storage and edge processing (i.e. the practice of processing data near the source, as a means to reduce latency and improve bandwidth) on the lunar surface. The lunar data centers will initially be geared towards remote data storage and disaster recovery, allowing companies to back up their data and store it on the Moon. In addition, the data centers could assist with both commercial and private ventures to the lunar environment.