Thursday, March 16, 2023

Amazing, Astounding, Thought-Inducing - If you have 15 minutes please read this from OpenAI - Ray Schroeder, UPCEA Sr Fellow

My friends, in the past decades of posting this curated reading list, I have never before reached out to you personally to read a report - I leave those choices to you.  However, this candid report from OpenAI is a game-changer.  Granted, I am writing this at 1:49 am in a rather sleep-deprived state. but I believe this report will be recorded in history as one of the important documents in the progress of AI.  So, I ask you to take five minutes to scan, ten minutes to quckly read, or fifteen minutes to read this report.  It is disarmingly honest.  Yet, the impact of these benchmarks, the examples and the potential of this evolving technology is awe-inspiring.  Take the next day or two, perhaps through the weekend to reflect on the implications as time permits.  Then you will be prepared to begin next week in the new age of GPT-4.  I look forward to discussing this with those attending the annual UPCEA conference in Washington, DC next week.