Wednesday, September 16, 2020

How Theater Programs Are Adjusting to Online Learning - YASMIN ZACARIA MIKHAIEL, Teen Vogue

Hannah Baity, 18, and her ensemble were nearly performance ready for their next play in a year-long theater program when things took a turn at the end of March. “[It] was really nice [when the director] called to say we were moving to virtual rehearsals and a virtual show,” recalls the youth ensemble member with Free Street Theater (FST) in Chicago. During this time, Hannah, like artists nationwide, were met with emails announcing cancelations or digital transition plans. To get the opposite reaction from her program director was a relief, but also a challenge. “We had actually devised the whole play when COVID-19 happened with [the following city] shelter-in-place [order]. We had to rewrite it for the digital space and I almost quit,” Hannah tells Teen Vogue.