Saturday, August 5, 2017

What Would An Online-First Academic Library Look Like? - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

Steven Bell wrote a great piece called What Academic Librarians Can Learn from Retail’s Meltdown. It is always fun when ideas and trends also catch the interest of a colleague, and that independently you both try to make sense of what you both are seeing. That was the case with Steven’s article, as I only caught his thinking after I had written something similar in Classroom Utilization, Online Learning and Retail Store Closings. Steven asks a provocative question in his piece: "What would an online first operation look like for an academic library?" I’m sure that my colleagues in the academic library world talk about Steven’s question all the time. Not being in the academic library world, I don’t really know how the academic library community is answering Steven’s question. Having the benefits of ignorance, I thought I’d take a crack at how I’d answer Steven’s query: What would an online-first operation look like for an academic library?

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