Thursday, July 27, 2017

MIT Deems MicroMasters a Success - Carl Straumsheim, Inside Higher Ed

Administrators at Massachusetts Institute of Technology say they are “floored” by the quality of students in its half online, half in-person master's degree program. Expansion plans are in the works.The first of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s half online, half in-person master’s degree programs is making a profit and bringing dozens of new degree-seeking students to campus. MIT calls that process “inverted admissions,” as prospective students are able to complete courses before they are technically admitted to the program. Numbers MIT shared with Inside Higher Ed show that nearly 200,000 learners have signed up for the online courses to date. Most of them have taken the courses for free, but MIT has awarded nearly 19,000 certificates. A group of about 1,100 learners last month became the first to finish the five MOOCs required to take the comprehensive final exam. Nearly 800 did took the test, and 622 passed.

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