Friday, July 7, 2017

Indiana resident cost to degree: $39,600 at NewU vs. $80,088 at Purdue WL - Purdue University

In its inaugural regular meeting, the Board of Trustees for Purdue’s new affiliated institution, currently referred to as NewU, approved plans to offer a dramatic tuition discount for Indiana resident students and free tuition for Purdue employees. The new Indiana resident rate, also approved by Kaplan University’s trustees, will take effect at the beginning of KU’s next academic term. The faculty/staff tuition policy will take effect when Purdue NewU becomes operational. Purdue employees will be able to take degree and non-degree programs tuition-free, and a spouse, child or immediate family member (sons/daughters-in-law, grandchildren and step-grandchildren) will receive a 50 percent tuition discount. An Indiana resident student pursuing an associate or bachelor’s degree will pay the equivalent of $220, including technology fees, per quarterly credit hour, which is a discount of approximately 45 percent.,-purdue-employees.html

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