Sunday, July 9, 2017

Are we seeing the dissolution of the public flagship university - Autumn A. Arnett and Jarrett Carter Sr.

Aggressive out-of-state recruitment tactics pay off big for some institutions, leaving students out in the cold. California legislators recently threatened to withhold $18 million in state support from the University of California System if it did not offer assurances that it would begin to cap its non-resident enrollment. The debate has largely centered around UC Berkeley, which has the highest out-of-state enrollment rate of the campuses at around 30%, as families feel increasingly shut out of the prestigious state institution. However, at 24 of the nation’s public flagship campuses, 40% or more of the freshman population is non-resident; at 11 of those, that number rises to more than half, according to a recent report from the Jack Kent Cooke Foundation authored by UCLA Assistant Professor of higher education and organizational change Ozan Jaquette.

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