Thursday, June 22, 2017

Udacity offers photographers the chance to be Virtual Reality pioneers - British Journal of Photography

Virtual Reality is predicted to be worth £108bn by 2021. To a large extent, the emergent technology is rooted in basic photography skills. Udacity’s six-month long VR nanodegree offers students a certified qualification that, according to the company, is more rigorous and recognised for its practical usefulness than many other VR qualifications but without being as intensive and time-consuming as a full-time university degree. “People want to develop specific skills that allow them to land a job or start a company. Udacity teaches those skills in a highly focused manner and helps filter students directly into a great job at top-tier companies,” says Matt Sonic, the lead instructor on Udacity’s Virtual Reality nanodegree. “It’s like a university, but built by industry.”

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