Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Experts Say AI Has a 50% Chance of Beating All Human Intelligence Within 45 Years - Karla Lant, Futurism

Researcher Katja Grace at the University of Oxford’s Future of Humanity Institute and a team surveyed 1,634 of the leading artificial intelligence researchers. 352 of the experts responded, and the team then calculated median responses. The experts predicted that within the next decade, AI will outperform humans in tasks like driving trucks (by 2027), translating languages (by 2024), and writing high school essays (by 2026). The consensus was that other tasks such as writing a bestseller (2049) or carrying out surgeries (2053) wouldn’t be quite so imminent. Interestingly, the experts (who answered in 2015) predicted that AI would not surpass humans at Go until 2027 — yet that’s already happened. https://futurism.com/experts-say-ai-has-a-50-chance-of-beating-all-human-intelligence-within-45-years/

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