Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Six Key Considerations for Innovative Proposals - Christina M. Sax, the Evolllution

Has this happened to you? You’ve got a great idea, developed a well-researched proposal, and presented it to a senior decision maker. You were sure that your proposal would be approved and funded, but then were surprised and confused to learn that it wasn’t. Or, as a senior decision maker, you’ve had a proposal presented to you and thought, “How could they not address key questions up front?” Then, upon asking for more information, the proposer tells you you’re a micromanager or a barrier to innovation. Addressing six key considerations in innovation proposals can help to achieve congruence of the perspectives and expectations of those who develop proposals and the decision makers who review them. http://evolllution.com/revenue-streams/market_opportunities/six-key-considerations-for-innovative-proposals/

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