Monday, May 1, 2017

Is the Future of Higher Ed Online, or on Campus? Interview with Peter Stokes, Managing Director of Huron - Hannah Nyren, Ed TechTimes

Picture a big, beautiful college campus: Dorms dotting the landscape, students rushing across the quad. Tools and technology that help enhance classroom instruction — not replace it. These are probably the main aspects of what you think of when you consider a traditional college experience. But it’s 2017. Although those ideas of what a college experience should be like are still alive and well in some schools in the United States, they are no longer the only options for those seeking higher education. With the rise of online schooling and other hybrid, unconventional forms of higher ed, the college experience has changed immensely. To capture a snapshot of this evolution, we had Jake Murray from Boston University’s School of Education sit down with Peter Stokes, the Managing Director of Huron, a consulting group that advises higher ed leaders, amongst others.

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