Saturday, April 1, 2017

The man behind Moodle: A leader of online learning - David Wilson, Canberra Times

Online education pioneer Dr Martin Dougiamas is best known for a noble act: his rejection of a $20-million offer for his open-source education platform which he wanted to keep freely available. Dougiamas, 47, who runs the learning management system Moodle, which is used by the UN and Google, downplays his sacrifice. "It just happens to be a little thing that seems to capture people's attention," he says. On whether he regrets shunning the money, he says: "No, absolutely not." Had he taken the cash, Moodle would have been destroyed – taken out of the equation, he says. "So, Moodle – it's my life's work. It's what I'm passionate about," he says, describing education as "super-important".

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