Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Decision to pay hackers for hijacked systems more complex than meets the eye - Jarrett Carter, Education Dive

Los Angeles Valley College and the University of Calgary share the dubious distinction of having paid hackers to free their systems and files from ransomware, malicious technology that is becoming more of a persistent problem in higher education for presidents and CIOs. Campus Technology analyzes the decision-making associated with paying ransoms for hacked systems, which frequently does not restore captured data and networks but allows officials to regain access to their own systems in order to begin restoration processes. The Federal Bureau of Investigation says that the total amount of payments made in the United States to hackers has increased by more than $180 million in the last two years, and on campuses, ransomware is prevalent due to the number of users and devices with the opportunity to click on suspicious emails and links. http://www.educationdive.com/news/decision-to-pay-hackers-for-hijacked-systems-more-complex-than-meets-the-ey/436846/

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