Wednesday, February 15, 2017

80 Cents on the Dollar - Rick Seltzer, Inside Higher Ed

The new research on women’s pay and representation in the top ranks of colleges and universities from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources, known as CUPA-HR, comes at a time when discussions of equality are common and many in higher education seem to recognize the benefits of diversity, said Jacqueline Bichsel, CUPA-HR director of research. Research shows that a diverse staff can help more students succeed and improve institutions’ research ability, she said. That diversity includes gender diversity. Yet several key indicators have changed little since the start of the century. “We’ve had this wage gap for so long now, and nothing has been done about it,” Bichsel said. Women administrators in higher education earn 80 cents on the dollar when compared to men, CUPA-HR found. That’s narrowed by only 3 cents since 2001, when women administrators earned 77 cents on the dollar versus men.

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