Wednesday, February 15, 2017

3 analytics questions today’s campus leaders should ask - JACK NEILL, eCampus News

A single piece of data can reveal a lot. For example, whether colleges and universities are meeting their enrollment goals or comparing the number of merit based scholarships versus need based ones. But, there’s also a lot left out of those pictures, like how successful those students were in their classes or how long it took them to graduate – or if they did so at all. While colleges and universities are eager to leverage institutional analytics, it is time for them to think bigger and broader. Doing so will open up a realm of possibilities not yet tapped, creating the opportunity to ask more complex questions and find solutions that better serve and support students. Right now, according to the EDUCAUSE Data, Research, and Analytics unit, about 50 percent of institutions consider institutional analytics a “major institutional priority,” and 25 percent more report that it’s a major department-level priority

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