Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Towards CourseFax: How Putting Information in the Hands of Consumers Would Transform Higher Ed - Richard Novak, Evolllution

We have all seen the gradual and recent evolution to a more customer-centric focus in nearly all aspects of life, aided in part by technological developments, such as machine learning and artificial intelligence. In the higher education sector, some enterprising and attuned providers have adopted this “customer” orientation, scratching the surface of what is possible. Beginning with the admissions process, virtual tours, campus cameras and testimonials of current happy students via social media help to attract new students. Not only are courses offered online, but course selection, modality, location, pricing and even student support services have been tailored to support the student perspective and student desire. However, most colleges and universities remain locked in a published ranking arms race of sorts, where factors other than those that are of interest to students, especially non-traditional adult learners, are pursued. http://evolllution.com/revenue-streams/market_opportunities/towards-coursefax-how-putting-information-in-the-hands-of-consumers-would-transform-higher-ed/

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