Friday, January 27, 2017

The Future of Online Learning Is Offline: What Strava Can Teach Digital Course Designers - Amy Ahearn, EdSurge

As a thought experiment, I tried to recast my Strava fitness app experience in pedagogical terms. I realized that I was recording hours of deliberate practice (my early morning runs), formative assessments (the occasional speed workout on the track) and even a few summative assessments (races) on the app. Strava was motivating my consistent use by overlaying a digital grid on my existing offline activities. How could we apply the same practices to learning? I’ve come to believe that one of the biggest misunderstandings about online learning is that it has to be limited to things that can be done in front of a computer screen. Completing the course on top of other priorities required an almost superhuman effort for sometimes limited external validation. That motivation was provided by Strava.

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