Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Seven Ways to Drive Successful Corporate Partnerships - Lisa LaVigna, Evolllution

The old adage says “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus.” In this case I propose Corporate America (or do we say global corporations?) are from Mars and Institutions of Higher Learning (referred to as institutions in this article) are from Venus. Partnerships between higher education and the private sector are nothing new. Many institutions have dozens if not hundreds of partnerships; my employer Excelsior College has almost a hundred corporate partners. A successful partnership is one where both entities are involved and pursuing a common mission. This mission may involve educating employees, educating the public, research or developing new ways to teach skills needed in the workplace. The first step to bridging the corporate/higher education divide will be recognizing that corporate America and higher education come from different planets. That means changing the way we do business. http://evolllution.com/revenue-streams/corporate_partnerships/seven-ways-to-drive-successful-corporate-partnerships/

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