Friday, January 6, 2017

Moving Beyond the Tired Classroom Laptop Debate - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

Can we get beyond the tired old discussion about if laptops should be banned from the classroom? The discussion that we should be having is about how we can harness the digital competencies - and the digitally inspired behaviors - that our students bring to their own learning. Have you ever observed a college student watching an online video? They are not passive video consumers. They actively control the in-video watching experience by speeding up and scrubbing through the video. They keep their cursor on the video controller and skip through the "slow" parts. Not only do students compress their video consumption by speeding and scrubbing, they also simultaneously interact with other content while watching. A video will share screen real estate with social media sites. They will chat, post, upload, compose, edit, scan, and scroll while also watching the video. How might we harness these digital video viewing behaviors to improve learning?

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