Friday, January 13, 2017

MIT Intros MOOC Program in Development Economics with Blended Path to Master's - Dian Schaffhauser, Campus Technology

It starts by attending and passing five massive, open, online courses (MOOCs) presented through MIT's edX platform, MITx. Those online classes may be audited for free, like any other MITx course. Or for students interested in pursuing the master's degree, they may pay course fees and pass proctored exams to be eligible to apply for admittance into the DEDP program. Each online course fee is between $100 and $1000, varying depending on the student's ability to pay. Those who pay for course access receive additional support from MIT teaching assistants and other features unavailable to people auditing the course. Students who have already passed any of the MIT MOOC classes that make up the online portion of the program don't have to repeat them; they simply have to pay the course fee and pass the exam.

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