Monday, December 19, 2016

Why the Coming Jobs Crisis Is Bigger Than You Think - Knowledge@Wharton

Here is a sobering prediction: over the next 25 years, 47% of jobs will likely be eliminated by technology and globalization, according to WorkingNation. We’re going to have to re-skill the 48-year-olds in this country. Knowledge@Wharton: Some corporations would rather choose to not reinvest in the 48-year-olds; they would rather go with the 22- and 23-year-olds. Venture capitalist Art Bilger founder of WorkingNation says: Individually, even if the corporations want to do it, will they be prepared to be re-educated? We’re running some small projects, and we’re already seeing the resistance level of those 48-year-olds to the concept of going back into a classroom. Now, I think there’s some pretty interesting areas that I’m focused on. The whole area of augmented reality for training and education purposes, I think, is pretty interesting. But you know, that’s an example of how you can train that older workforce without having to sit them down in front of a blackboard or a whiteboard and redo a lot of it.

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