Saturday, December 17, 2016

Nine Factors that Drive Success for Non-Traditional Learners - Catherine Koverola, Evolllution

I recently attended an alumnae event at one of our regional campuses and was deeply moved by the speech of a one of our alums, who shared her story as a non-traditional learner. She began her academic journey as a single mother raising a child on the autism spectrum while also working as a professional—truly someone with a full life. Whenever she questioned whether she was going to be successful or wondered if she was going to make it the finish line and get the coveted degree, inevitably one of the faculty, staff or administrators would reassure her and say, “no worries, we got you.” What follows are some concrete experiences that this alum referenced as demonstrating to her that we were serious about educating her as a non-traditional learner. Also included are some concrete strategies that our college has used successfully.

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