Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Leveraging Organizational Learning and Best Practices in Online Leadership - Vickie Cook, Evolllution

Most of us have attended many conference sessions and webinars on best practices within our field of online learning and online leadership. But, how might we leverage what we learn in these informative sessions? How can we best implement what we have learned so that these practices have a lasting effect on our institutions? This article will discuss the concepts of Do It, Be It, Know It, Test It, and Revise It. Leveraging the process of organizational learning to build best practices in online leadership is an important consideration for today’s leaders charged with building and sustaining online initiatives. Competition within the field of online learning is greater today than ever before. Finding, strategically implementing, and evaluating creative solutions is critical to on-going success of any online initiative. In order to leverage best practices and lessons learned in an organization, it is necessary to follow an organizational learning roadmap. http://evolllution.com/revenue-streams/distance_online_learning/leveraging-organizational-learning-and-best-practices-in-online-leadership-do-it-be-it-know-it-test-it-revise-it/

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