Monday, November 7, 2016

Why meaningful progress is an untidy business - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

My higher ed learning technology friends and I have found ourselves in a weird place. We are passionately committed to institutional advancement around a learning agenda - yet our training and expertise lay outside of leading organizational change. Moreover, the work that we do do to direct institutional resources, attention, and priority towards learning innovation (and towards educators), is - well - messy. In reading Harford’s new book Messy - his best book since his 2007 The Undercover Economist - we learn that all the really important things in life will often feel disordered, untidy, and chaotic. This desire to find clear solutions and bright lines certainly applies to our efforts around organizational change. While a clear and well-defined map to guide our work would certainly be comforting - it is actually in the gray messy areas that we make real change.

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