Friday, November 4, 2016

UNBOUND: Reinventing Higher Education, Fall 2016 Issue - UPCEA

UNBOUND: Reinventing Higher Education is an online journal intended for all those who are interested in higher education issues, especially those that affect adult students. The name UNBOUND calls to mind the many innovations that are taking place in education across our country and our world, where technology is helping us break the bonds of space and time to make education accessible to a broad audience. As educators, we no longer have to think in terms of limits, whether those are drawn by campus boundaries, geographic location, or even conventional definitions of school and community. The possibilities for the future are boundless, and we hope to hear from those who are helping to lead the way. As the tagline Reinventing Higher Education suggests, we are positioning this journal at the forefront of educational change. We aim to engage a broad audience of readers and contributors who are interested in important trends and innovations in education. In addition to professionals in higher education, audiences and contributors may include leaders of corporations and industries, communities, advocacy groups, nonprofits or government bodies—anyone who cares deeply about the future of education.

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