Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Creating a Digitally Enabled University - David Raths, Campus Technology

Georgia State's chief innovation officer is tackling the flipped classroom, learning analytics, digital literacy and more. Phil Ventimiglia, who became Georgia State University's chief innovation officer two years ago, said that before he took the job he carefully evaluated the university's readiness to create such a role. "We want to make sure we are focused on the outcomes, not the inputs," he said. "Sometimes there has been a focus on devices —let's put devices in student hands.... We are changing the process to think like a startup and do a series of experiments and prove out the model and then scale it up." The university has launched a staff innovator program, which includes a self-paced online program for staff and faculty to learn the process of ideation and marketing new ideas. That is being connected to a daylong innovation competition, where winners will receive resources to develop those ideas. https://campustechnology.com/articles/2016/10/03/creating-a-digitally-enabled-university.aspx

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