Saturday, October 1, 2016

Approaching Leadership as Entrepreneurship - Gayleen Gray, EDUCAUSE Review

For me, the "aha" moment on entrepreneurial leadership came when Paula Young, a technology entrepreneur and current CEO and owner of Data Gravity, shared her business experiences. Paula defined the entrepreneurial leader as an enabler, one who uses their leadership skills to motivate teams to innovate and create, take appropriate risks, and not fear failure or focus too much on success when moving ideas into action. Paula's illustrative learnings on accomplishing entrepreneurial leadership—to "start playing chess not checkers"—were amusing and impactful, but hearing her reference these concepts in the pursuit of pure entrepreneurial business, not higher education, was a refreshing way of revisiting the importance of leadership styles that support innovative problem solving. We can lose track of this in our "get it done" campus environments where innovation and creativity are perceived as too time-consuming. So just how can entrepreneurial leadership change the way we approach our daily activities and allow us to consider these business constructs and approaches to innovation?

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