Wednesday, September 7, 2016

The End for ITT Tech - Ashley A. Smith, Inside Higher Ed

Following a series of federal sanctions, ITT Tech on Tuesday shut down its 130 campuses, forcing a scramble for many of the for-profit's 43,000 students. Students across ITT Technical Institutes' 130 campuses awoke Tuesday morning to emails saying they wouldn't be attending class anymore. After months of sanctions and years of investigations and lawsuits, ITT Educational Services -- the institution's parent company -- announced it was closing all of its campuses. "Today, we know by our experience that a U.S. institution or business can be forced to shut down without proof of allegations," said Kevin Modany, chief executive officer for ITT Educational Services, in a call with reporters. "It wasn't a decision we took lightly," said U.S. Under Secretary of Education Ted Mitchell in a phone call with reporters. "Ultimately, our responsibility is not to any individual institution. It's to protect all students and taxpayers, and I have no doubt our decision to take action was the right one."

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