Sunday, September 18, 2016

Online classes give students great freedom, great responsibility - Leland Chow, Nebraskan

Online classes, compared with in-person classes, are generally more self-paced, meaning I can finish as many chapters as I want per week, as long as the instructor opens the chapters. This means some people, like me, would try to finish all the required reading and assignments as soon as possible so they can worry about other things, like in-person classes or other commitments. But some instructors might prevent students from doing more than 2 chapters a week to ensure students fully understand the materials before proceeding. Other people might drag out their learning period. The most obvious benefit of taking classes online, as opposed to in-person, is that students have freedom to choose when and where to study. Unlike in-person classes, in which class times and venues are fixed, I can study in my room at 8 p.m. or in the library at 2 p.m. between my classes. Because of this freedom to choose when and where to study, instructors benefit too.

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