Tuesday, September 20, 2016

For higher ed CIOs navigating tight budgets, relationships key - Roger Riddell, Naomi Eide; Education Dive

Of course for IT leadership on campus, it also helps to foster good relationships with the other vice presidents and provosts, as well as the campus president. "I actually report to the president, which is a real advantage because I have the president’s ear," said Melissa Woo, vice president for information technology and CIO at Stony Brook University. "But the other VPs have to know what IT’s value is, because I think most people think IT is just keeping things running." "It’s network that nobody notices until it’s gone," Woo said. "It’s a lot of services that nobody really thinks about until they’re down, and I think having that relationship with the other VPs means they can actually see us as a strategic partner." http://www.ciodive.com/news/for-higher-ed-cios-navigating-tight-budgets-relationships-key/425875/

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