Tuesday, September 6, 2016

5 ways to tell if your college programs will survive the future - JOHN KATZMAN, eCampusNews

Online undergraduate and graduate college programs are growing at 15 percent a year, but will soon be a thing of the past. As will campus-based programs. Both will give way to an agile approach in which the technology and design of a program are indifferent to modality. Courses will be online, on-campus, or a blend of the two; marketing and recruiting will be integrated, as will student support and placement. Agile programs will enjoy a substantial cost, convenience, and quality advantage over online and campus-based programs. And while academia isn’t quite there yet, a review of changes in online higher ed and commerce over the past 15 years presents the compelling case that this level of integration between and among traditional and online offerings is inevitable. http://www.ecampusnews.com/featured/featured-on-ecampus-news/college-programs-future/

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