Sunday, August 7, 2016

Why are so many professors moving out of Illinois? - STEVEN R. STRAHLER, Chicago Business

Kim Coble is among scores of professors fleeing Illinois because of the state's precarious fiscal condition and erratic funding of higher education. After years of climbing the academic ladder, she's decided to take a chance in California, even if it means giving up tenure and descending a rung. “I felt that an untenured position in another state was more secure than a tenured position in Illinois,” says Coble, 45, a Chicago State University astrophysicist headed to San Francisco State University and trading a full professorship for an associate one. That's not the only blow: She'll pay $3,400 for a two-bedroom apartment (before a one-time $6,000 stipend), two and a half times the $1,350 a month for her three-bedroom co-op in Hyde Park.

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