Monday, August 15, 2016

Learning Analytics: Is data collection of students' learning habits Orwellian or simply helpful? - Study International

Dr. Bart Rienties, director of the learning analytics program at the Open University, told The Guardian: “We’re trying to use data to improve our understanding of how students learn. We want to understand the story behind that data.” Rienties added that with the use of learning analytics, universities are able to “provide a more personal learning experience, rather than a one-size-fit-all solution”. In a recent study involving data collated from more than 113,000 students at the Open University, a student’s usage patterns of online learning resources can help predict their overall academic performance. Despite the potential advantages of learning analytics, experts are also wary of its potential abuses, especially when it comes to students’ privacy. The Higher Education Policy Institute’s director, Nick Hillman, said it was still too early to say what effect this approach would have in the long run.

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