Friday, August 19, 2016

4 Things to Know About Online Coding Boot Camps - John Friedman, US News

While more on-site coding boot camps exist than online ones, the latter format has started growing in popularity, says Liz Eggleston, co-founder of Course Report, a website that provides reviews and industry research on coding boot camps. In addition to online-only boot camps like Thinkful and Bloc, some on-site boot camps that initially didn't offer a virtual option – like the Flatiron School in New York – are moving into the online space to reach a wider audience, she says. For online learners, Eggleston says, boot camps provide a middle-ground option between online degrees and free online courses via websites like Codecademy. Experts say online coding boot camps generally last at least a few months and cost several thousand dollars, so prospective students should ask for a free trial to make sure they select a program that's the best fit for them.

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