Sunday, July 31, 2016

Udacity wants to help you become a self-taught self-driving car engineer - Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

Now you, too, can become a self-driving vehicle engineer, in one year, using Udacity’s newly announced nanodegree (via Recode). Udacity is the online education startup helmed by Sebastian Thrun, a former Google employee who actually helped kick off that company’s self-driving car program before leaving to found his own venture. Thrun’s expertise should help ensure that Udacity’s program has solid educational substance, and Udacity’s nanodegree program (like a condensed, self-directed diploma) in general gets high praise from the likes of Google, which is a partner for some programs. This self-driving car program takes a bit longer than the average nanodegree, which is typically in the range of a few months. But becoming a self-driving car engineer should logically require more time than learning to build your own “Hello World!” iOS or Android app.

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