Saturday, July 30, 2016

New Research Debunks Online College Student Myths - Learninghouse

The report found that online college education has expanded access to students who previously might not have attended; this was primarily due to issues around time and finances. Of note, 50 percent of online college students reported that they "would not," "probably would not," or were "unsure" whether they would have pursued higher education had their program not been offered online. The researchers also found that potential students are choosing their schools faster, and limiting the number of institutions they consider, with many selecting the first program that engages with them. The expectation of rapid communication translates to all materials they submit, including those related to financial aid and transfer credit eligibility. The research also found that awareness of alternative pathways -- including massive open online courses, micro degrees and bootcamps -- is low; 66% of those surveyed reported either "no knowledge" or "minimal knowledge" of these options.

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