Sunday, June 12, 2016

Using Mind Mapping and Brainstorming Techniques for Study and Creativity - Bob Smale & Julie Fowlie, Tomorrow's Professor

When taking notes in lectures and seminars, you can try using a mind mapping technique for note taking, or you can use it to summarise your notes or handouts and other materials after the session. Doing this systematically will help you store ideas away in your brain for later use when writing up your work. Looking at your mind maps will help refresh your memory and you can always go back and add to them if there is more to say, perhaps from your reading around the subject. Mind mapping can also be used to enhance your powers of creativity. When writing up a formal report or essay, try to brainstorm all the main points first. Then order your points into a logical sequence and write around them. Your key words may become your subheadings. Similarly, you can use a mind map to structure the content for an oral presentation.

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