Thursday, June 16, 2016

5 must-have’s for viable credentials - RONALD BETHKE, eCampus News

A much-needed accessible and easily understood system for viable credentials could have a major impact on learners, employers and education providers. What will it take to make credentialing an easier process for students? How can education stakeholders validate credentials? What do employers need from today’s credentials? How can minority learners better take advantage of these viable credentials? Those are just some of the issues addressed in a report from Lumina Foundation concerning the Connecting Credentials partnership, which aims to address problems that hamper students’ efforts to attain high-quality, viable credentials in the current higher education system. The report, “Connecting Credentials: Lessons from the National Summit on Credentialing and Next Steps in the National Dialogue,” details findings and suggestions from the summit that could lead to a reformed credentialing system boasting greater transparency and portability to better serve the needs of students, employers and educators.

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