Friday, May 13, 2016

6 Steps To Survive a Cyber Attack - Frank DiMaria, Campus Technology

The range and variety of sensitive data in higher education make it difficult to secure. In the event of a breach, this six-phase incident response plan will help guide your institution through the crisis. Like corporations, universities and colleges have copious amounts of data to protect. But campuses are not corporations. They're more like little cities, providing an array of services and functions. "We have an enormous range and variety of confidential information and that makes it very challenging to secure," said Michael Corn, deputy CIO for Library and Technology Services and CISO at Brandeis University. IT must protect not just the identity of students, faculty and staff but also the intellectual property and sensitive data generated by hours of research. When a cyber-attack does occur, the incident response team needs a plan that guides it through the crisis.

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