Friday, April 15, 2016

The State of Education Video 2016 - Paul Riismandel, Streaming Media

Both inside and outside the classroom, video is as essential to students as email and Wi-Fi. Look for live streaming to increase in higher-ed, especially for popular events. Online video in education is the new normal. To grasp the full impact of that declaration, it’s important to take a step back from thinking only about memories of our own classrooms. Sure, video has come a long way in traditional teaching environments—something I won’t neglect in this review. But video takes a central role in learning in general. By the looks of it, LinkedIn agrees. Last April the company spent $1.5 billion to acquire, an early—and profitable—pioneer in providing skills-based video courses online. Lynda is a go-to destination to gain proficiency in areas such as web design, as well as courses on topics as diverse as accounting fundamentals and “The Neuroscience of Learning.”

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