Thursday, April 14, 2016

Online Education as a Catalyst for Organizational Change? - Joshua Kim, Inside Higher Ed

Online Education: A Catalyst for Higher Education Reforms The Final Report from MIT's Open Education Policy Initiative. “...learning-science-based online education (including the blended model) is disrupting the existing higher education teaching paradigm." Recommendation 4: Foster Institutional and Organizational Change in Higher Education to Implement These Reforms What do you make of this recommendation? The MIT report argues that like other legacy sectors, higher education is due for disruption. This higher ed disruption will come from a combination of learning science, new (scalable) online learning technologies, and an altered set of economic and political arrangements (such as competency based learning and government / employer supported alternative credentialing). Disrupting the power / position of legacy higher education institutions, according to the MIT report, will not be easy.

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