Thursday, April 21, 2016

Market of online education predicted to surge in 2016 - Wang Fan, Ecns

China's online education sector continues to grow rapidly. The industry recently came into the spotlight again because of a post on social media, where one teacher boasted about earning nearly 20,000 yuan per hour, to deliver a physics course online. The sky high salary shows the popularity and demand of the market. And the reaction of other users to the post also gives us an insight what society believes a teacher should earn. But what's behind the explosion in internet tuition? And what's the difference behind online teaching and the traditional way classroom method? A computer, a headset and a microphone is all Chen Song needs to switch his role online. When he is offline. he works as a theatre actor based in Shanghai. He performs with other great artists from different countries around the globe. This is how it feels to take part in his class.

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