Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Introducing the LinkedIn Students App: Helping Soon-to-Be College Graduates Conquer Their Job - Ada Yu, LinkedIn

Graduation is quickly approaching. Your job search is all consuming. What do you search for? What job options are best for you? Today, LinkedIn unveils the first-of-its-kind LinkedIn Students app available for iOS and Android, tailored specifically for soon-to-be college graduates looking to answer these very questions. Using insights from LinkedIn’s database of over 400 million professionals, the brand new app helps you discover jobs that are a best fit for graduates with your major, companies that tend to hire from your school and the careers paths of recent alumni with similar degrees. 86% of students choose to go to college to get better jobs, but 44% of graduates are underemployed.* Let LinkedIn Students help you navigate these uncharted waters of finding your first job out of school. The new LinkedIn Students app is available for iOS and Android in the US only for now. https://blog.linkedin.com/2016/04/18/introducing-the-linkedin-students-app--helping-soon-to-be-colleg

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