Friday, April 15, 2016

How Obama's new education secretary could build a legacy in less than a year - Jamie Merisotis, Fox

U.S. Secretary of Education John King Jr. has just shy of 10 months in his post before the next administration takes over. But that doesn’t mean he’s a caretaker—far from it. Indeed, Secretary King has many opportunities to have a real and lasting influence on the trajectory of education in the country. An ideal opportunity to create an outsized impact is by leveraging his position to advance higher education equity. By “equity,” I mean this. Huge disparities remain in the number of Americans with an education beyond high school based on race and class. To address this, our nation’s postsecondary system must better serve students who traditionally have been left behind: first-generation students, adult learners who are working and parenting, and students of color – all of whom are quickly becoming the new college majority. King can move the needle in achieving this, both by raising awareness about the problem and emphasizing policies that put students, not institutions, at the center of higher education.

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