Saturday, April 30, 2016

Don't Dismiss Georgia Tech's $6,600 Online Master's Degree - WILLIAM FENTON, PC Magazine

I'm not about to let my ideological reservations foreclose my curiosity, especially given that so many Online Master of Science Computer Science students praise the program. A $6,600 master's degree in computer science with a 55 percent acceptance rate and no GRE entrance exam? It's a seductive proposition for an undergraduate, to be sure. Since the Georgia Institute of Technology announced its Online Master of Science Computer Science degree—OMS CS, for short—in May 2013, the program has elicited wonder, enthusiasm, and trepidation. When you consider the age of students, the OMS CS program is older (33-34 years old) and more educated (more than 700 applicants have advanced degrees and more than 120 hold Ph.D. or terminal degrees). In this sense, the Georgia Tech online master's program is more in line with ventures such as General Assembly, which enable professionals to advance skills and training.

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